Create Your Future Life

Over time, we are going to share ressources in a notebook-kind-of fashion that helped us start from absolutely nothing to running a 6-figure business within just about 10 months. We got there through changing our habits, reading a lot of important books and biographies, watching inspiring talks, thereby “rewiring” our brains quite a bit and putting in hard work.

We are just starting out but lets try to put together a few words on what we want to do:

  • lets get a realistic view on the future in order to be able to adapt and act forward-looking.
  • Acquire knowledge you need to move ahead as individual, get familiar with the issues that will affect and change society.
  • We don’t necessarily believe in the classical corporate job to be the answer to living a good life.
  • We believe that we can create the environment we want to work and live in
  • We have the feeling that traditional (governmental) education misses out on telling you that you can sit in the drivers seat of your life
  • Implement a way of learning from the most successful people in the world through reading there stories, books, biographies, because, let’s face it, its quite unlikely to be able to meet them any time soon.